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Return to Play: CRLL 2021 Season Update

CRLL Update - Posted 1/14/2021.

We are eagerly awaiting information from Little League regarding a "return to play" plan. Our district's (District 54)  administration is putting together a plan that will outline what specific baseball activities can occur based on the color tiers the state has created as well as what safety measures need to be in place. Once we have this information we will be communicating our plans for this upcoming season. We hope to have this information by the end of January.


Thank you for your continued support of CRLL!

2020 Financial Presentation

Additional Information Regarding Partial Refund

We would be happy to provide additional information regarding the partial refund the league has offered.  The finances of the league can be complicated to convey via email, but we have created a snapshot of the league’s expenses to help illustrate the reality of suspending a season days before the first game and Opening Day.  We hope this message goes a little way in explaining what funds were needed to set up the season.  Also, please note that the below calculation assumes an equal per player registration fee of $174.62 which is the average of fees collected per player. Although registration fees vary based on a player’s league age, uniform cost is the main expense that varies based on sizes. The smaller size uniforms cost less thus the lower registration fees for younger players. We have not calculated the refund with exact uniform costs per player because at the end of the day the refund per player would not be much different and the time needed to make such a calculation is not warranted.


Expenditures Per Player to Date

Administrative Fees, Registration Processing Fees, and Website

 $          14.68

Assessment & County Fees

 $            6.73


 $          13.14

Maintenance & Field Improvements

 $          25.57

Special Events, Clinics, Workshops

 $            3.86

Uniform Expense (average cost per player)

 $          71.26

Total Expenditures Using Average Cost Per Player Uniform Cost

 $        135.23


We would like to provide some additional details about how and why these costs were incurred.  To get the league to the point in the season where we were ready to start playing, we had spent a large portion of our registration budget (details below).  A lot of our expenses are up front and then we have sponsorships and our snack shack to provide additional revenue to supplement each player's registration fee. We are quite lucky that our sponsors have been very supportive, and our snack shack is greatly supported by our local community. This allows us to keep our registration fees lower than other Little Leagues in our district (District 54).


As a Non-Profit Organization, the local board reviews financials monthly during our board meetings.  We are also required to submit annual financials to the District for their review. In addition to this we file taxes annually.  Should you have any questions about the way our league manages finances we encourage you to attend a monthly board meeting. At the beginning of the meeting we go over expenses that have been spent the previous month as well as the current balances in our accounts. At the beginning of each season we vote on our yearly budget and during the year any expense over $200 must be approved by the board.


The Board strives to be good stewards of the league’s money – your money – and we hope this helps everyone understand a little more about what goes into getting the season set up.  Transparency is important, if you have more questions please reach out, with that said, we are an all-volunteer organization with other full time commitments, we will get back to you, but it could be 48-72 hours. 


– The CRLL Treasurer & Board


Expense Notes:


Administrative Fees, Registration Processing Fees, and Website

·        Fees for volunteer background checks 

·        QuickBooks Online subscription

·        Postage

·        Printing & Copying

·        Website fees

·        Registration processing fees


Assessment & County Fees

·        Little League District 54 per player dues

·        Sacramento County Health Department License


Insurance & Charter Expenses

·        General liability insurance

·        Accident insurance

·        Crime insurance

·        Little League per team charter


Maintenance & Field Improvements

·        Banners & Flags

·        Dirt, soil, clay for annual field maintenance

·        Chalk and other consumables

Special Events, Clinics & Workshops

·        Positive Coaching Alliance Workshop for team managers and coaches

·        Umpire Clinic

·        Opening Day


Uniform Expense

·        Coaches jerseys & hats 

·        Player jerseys – printing of numbers & sponsors

·        Player hats

·        Player belts and socks

·        Purchase of Little League Patches to adhere to jerseys

·        Umpire uniforms


Refund/Opportunity to Donate Information

Dear Cosumnes River Little League Families,

We hope all of you are doing well and that you are enjoying your summer! As we mentioned in our previous communication, we would be able to provide you information regarding a refund by mid-June. Our treasurer has worked diligently to go through our financials and provide as much information as possible to help you understand where your registration fees have gone. Since our season was cut short a few days prior to Opening Day many of the expenses had already occurred (insurance, District & County fees, maintenance and improvements, etc.). We encourage you to visit our website and look at the Financial Presentation we have put together that outlines what all your registration fees have been used for. The presentation also shares information about how profitable our snack shack is to our league and how generous our 2020 sponsors have been. 

CRLL 2020 Financial Presentation

Members have expressed an interest in helping keep CRLL financially secure by donating their refund. For those that are not interested in doing so, we can provide a refund of $39.39 per player. If you would like to  receive a refund please email your request to Pam White ( Please cc Kristen Boudreaux ( and Rob Winter ( In the subject line please write: CRLL 2020 REFUND. In the body of the email please include your name (first and last), your child’s name, the division they are rostered in, their team name, and their manager’s name. Please also include a mailing address. All refund checks will be mailed after July 15th. All refund requests must be made by July 15th. No requests will be honored after July 15th.

We are hoping you will consider donating your refund to Cosumnes River Little League. We rely heavily on our snack shack to keep our registration fees one of the lowest in our district. On average our Snack Shack nets $14,000 each season. When we begin to plan for our 2021 season (our 30th anniversary!) we will not have the luxury of having this income. However, with your generous donation we will be in a much better financial position. If possible, please join the 2020 CRLL Board Members and donate your refund to help support the future of Little League in Rancho Murieta, Sloughhouse, and Wilton.

We encourage you to continue to support our 2020 Sponsors! Please visit our Sponsorship page for additional information.

2020 CRLL Sponsors

Thank you again for your continued support!

2020 CRLL Board Members

Update on Spring/Summer 2020 Season

Dear CRLL Families,

This is a letter we were hoping to not have to send this season. In what has been an extremely challenging beginning to 2020 for all of us, the impacts of the Coronavirus have been felt in every aspect of our lives. Due to the ongoing restrictions placed on citizens of our state and county, the board members of CRLL have made the difficult decision to officially cancel our spring/summer 2020 season. Although this was a difficult decision, there were several factors that led to this announcement.

We have spent countless hours working with our district and other leagues trying to put together a season.  However, we were recently informed that two of the leagues we partner with, El Dorado Hills LL and Amador West LL, have canceled their seasons.  We rely on those two leagues for interleague play in our upper divisions. 

Secondly, Little League International has provided guidance with respect to mitigation requirements to resume play. These best practices were compiled from recommendations by the CDC and World Health Organization.  Unfortunately, with all the necessary mitigation that must be in place we are not able to offer a program this year.  Some of these include:

  • No handshakes, personal contact, celebrations
  • All managers, coaches, umpires, and volunteers should wear PPE
  • All spectators follow social distancing practices and wear face covering/mask
  • Bleachers closed to spectators
  • Children put into assigned spots on bleacher, spaced 6 feet apart, and wearing face coverings.   “Overflow” seating for players would be on the bleachers (6 feet apart with face coverings)
  • No personal equipment/bags must be placed outside the dugout and spaced apart to prevent direct contact
  • Baseballs and softballs need to be rotated in every 2 innings
  • Spectators are not to retrieve foul balls and only coaches, umpires or players can retrieve them
  • No sunflower seeds or spitting allowed
  • Plate meetings should be eliminated
  • Practices limited to coaches, managers, and players
  • Field prep should be done only by those volunteers participating in the game (coaches, umpires, and league administrators and should be done before anyone arrives at the field)
  • Field prep equipment sprayed and disinfected before and after each use
  • Spreading out games/practices. (Putting time and distance between groups so only one group is present at a time)
  • Limiting spectator attendance to essential volunteers and limiting family members
  • "One in, one out" monitoring of restrooms
  • Prior to and after any league activity, cleaning and disinfecting of restrooms
  • Prohibit use of water fountains or refillable water stations
  • No Snack Shack

After discussing the implementation of the mitigation listed above, we concluded that this is a hurdle that we cannot overcome. The manpower needed to ensure the mitigation is followed is more than what we can provide. Ultimately, it would fall on the shoulders of board members to enforce mitigation requirements. 

Most importantly, we do not think this type of play would foster a positive Little League experience that would develop the love of the game in our players. In the end the board unanimously voted to cancel the Spring 2020 season. 

We are hopeful that we will be able to offer a Fall Ball program for some of our divisions.  However, at this point that is still up in the air as future county health directives and mitigation requirements at that time are yet unknown. We will be meeting with our district administrator and the other leagues in our district in mid-July to discuss the possibility of a Fall Ball program.  We will keep you posted.

After a review of our financials we will contact you with options which will include a partial refund or the opportunity to donate your refund to the league which we hope you consider. Donations will help us to offset the loss of income from the snack shack due to cancellation of the season. Please look for a follow-up email within a week. 

Finally, we would like to thank all of you for your patience. We appreciate all your kind words and support these past couple of months. We will continue to plan and put our efforts towards the 2021 CRLL Spring Season where we will be celebrating 30 years of Little League in the Cosumnes River area.

Take care,

CRLL Board of Directors


    Why Little League? Watch this and find out!

    Pleasant Grove High School Teams Up With Cosumnes River LIttle League

    It was fantastic! The PG players and coaches were very friendly and we learned a lot! -AAA Player

    I wish I could do this every week! -AA Player

    It was great to have the Pleasant Grove coaching staff and players out there on Sunday. They were organized and showed a ton of enthusiasm, which is always great for our kids to see. They brought a baseball camp atmosphere and introduced our young players to some techniques and drills that they haven't seen before. Their 3 hour instruction is the highlight of fall ball for me so far. - Chris Kindell

    “We (CRLL) are really fortunate to have the relationship with the Pleasant Grove baseball team and coaches locally.  With our small community, our boys will most likely see some of the high school players around who taught them a few fielding tips, or straightened out their stance while up to bat. It is so important to us as coaches who continuously try to instill the love of the game, and with the support of our local high school, we can’t thank them enough.  I’d love to take our kids out to return the support and watch the Eagles play this next season.” -Sean Donnalley
    The high school players were very polite and encouraging throughout the three hour clinic! I was impressed with how the coaching staff interacted with the players as well as our local coaches. As a parent I appreciated them donating their Sunday morning to provide our local players with such a unique experience.  -CRLL Parent

    District 54 - Tournament Link

    Click here to get to the District 54 bracket hub

    2020 Sponsorship

    Sponsorships for the 2020 Season are Open

    If you, your business or someone you know is interested in sponsoring our league, please contact our Sponsorship Coordinator, Mark Imbriani, at


    P.O. Box 584
    Rancho Murieta, CA 95683
    Cosumnes River Little League is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization
    Tax ID: 68-0233013
    League ID: 405403

    CRLL All-Star Update

    Major All-Stars after their win!

    Put your hands together for our CRLL All-Stars! Each of our teams have completed play. They all showed a lot of grit and determination against traditional powers in the district. Excellent season players!

    Congratulations to the CRLL Major All-Stars for advancing to a third game. CRLL first battled with Lakeside. After multiple lead changes throughout the game, CRLL came up short (7-6) in the bottom of the 6th. CRLL then grabbed a win over Ponderosa (8-3) with yet another strong team effort across  pitching, hitting, and defense.  They held off Woodcreek for the first 4 innings, but ended up losing 6-2, concluding their great 2019 TOC and All-Star runs.

    You can follow ALL of the District 54 All-Star action  using the link at the top left of this page. There is also a GAME CHANGER link for each of the tournaments so you can follow from your mobile device.

    CRLL 2019 Playoff Brackets

    Congratulations to all of our teams for a great year! See below for the results of our local AAA, AA, and Farm Softball tournaments. Special congrats to the Major Red Sox, AAA Astros, AA Rock Hounds, and Farm Raiders for their post season success!

    • Major Baseball
    • AAA Baseball
    • AA Baseball
    • Farm Softball

    TOC Alert!!!

    In a field of 20 teams, the CRLL Major Red Sox advanced to the final four!

    After a convincing win over Hangtown, and an extra inning thriller over Woodcreek (12-10), the Red Sox met the end of the road against a very strong team from Maidu (13-4). The Maidu Astros went on to win the tournament. Congratulations to Maidu for a great season.

    This was the farthest a CRLL team has ever gone in the District 54 TOC. We are proud of the boys for their great success on the field, and the way that they play the game. Great job Sox!!!


    Baseball Mom

    Rivercats Little League Night is May 2, 2020

    Dick's Sporting Goods Shop Events 2/16-2/17

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