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Scholarship Recipients and Application

CRLL Scholarship Recipients

Each year, two former CRLL players that are graduating seniors are recognized for their contributions to CRLL, their high school, and their community. These graduating seniors will be awarded the Christopher Walters Scholarship and the Christina Rodness Scholarship.

CRLL accepts applications for both of the $1,000 scholarships starting March 6th with a deadline of April 4th.  The winners will be announced on April 25th.


We are proud of the graduating seniors who have grown through our programs, and we  look forward to learning more about the excellent contributions they make in their college careers and future communities.


Christina Rodness Scholarship Recipients

2021 Olivia Reed

2020 Lauren Werner

2019 Josie Viegas

2018  Kianah Corey

2017 Paige Callahan

2016  Lauren Posey


Christopher Walters Scholarship Recipients

2021 Garrett Perkins

2020 Ben Buller

2019 Jack Gignilliat

2018 Jordan Remington

2017 Blake Adams

2016  Davis Elgin

2015 Craig Jacobs 

2014 Brett Elgin

2013 Trevor Widler

2012 Tyler Rathjen

2011 Jackson Gaskins and Alexandra Bailey

2010 Stephanie Garland

2009 Kyle Devore

2008 Ryan Underwood