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Post-Season Information

Local Playoffs

The local playoff schedule and brackets for Major, AAA, and AA can be found on the main page, or CLICK HERE.

All-Stars is FUN! What could go wrong?

Amidst the excitement and anticipation, some children and parents will be disappointed about not being selected to an All-Star team. In sports, as in life, sometimes things don’t work out the way we hoped. Even worse, we may think the playing field was unfair; emotions get the better of us, and we react in ways we wish we could take back.

Please take a look at the process by which teams are selected according to the CRLL by-laws (below).  

Little League International also has a Parent Information Page for the All-Star SeasonThere is also a "Little League Survival Guide" for the All-Star season.

All Star Selection process - Explained

What does CRLL do to make things as fair as possible?

Your CRLL Board of Directors makes great effort to ensure there is a level playing field when selecting All-Star teams; one where all players have a fair chance of being considered. The full process is detailed in our League By-Laws and in our Frequently Asked Questions.

In summary, managers and coaches discuss at length players’ performance, versatility, sportsmanship, and attitude. After discussing the players, only the manager and one official coach from each team rank their top 20 players from the division. This ensures equal representation by each team in the vote. Ballots are analyzed to help ensure that voters do not artificially inflate or deflate a player’s ranking. If this occurs, that person’s vote (or entire ballot) is discarded. 

The top 10 players in each age group are assigned to a Baseball or Softball All-Star team (i.e., Junior, 10-12/Major, 9-11, 8-10). The manager for each All-Star team then has discretion to select 1 to 4 more players, but must select from the next 5 available ranked players from their age group.

Please note: If your child is selected to an All Stars team, there are several “must have” documents that need to be turned in very quickly to prove age and residence within our league boundaries. For more info, click on I love paperwork.

Let the Fun Begin!

Let's have a great Summer!

It is our hope that these efforts reassure everyone that CRLL approaches the All-Star selection process in a fair manner that has our children’s best interest in mind. We firmly believe that this helps us uphold and model our core principles: Character, Responsibility, Leadership, and Loyalty.

It is an honor to be selected as an All-Star.  With that honor comes the responsibility of representing your league, yourself, and your family with class.

Good luck to all of our post-season teams, and thank you everyone for your continued support of the children in our community.

District 54 - Tournament Link

Click here to get to the District 54 bracket hub

District 54 All-Star and TOC Brackets

And the season continues for the Major Red Sox! After a convincing win over Hangtown, the Sox won an extra inning thriller over Woodcreek (12-10). Now the Red Sox advance to the TOC Semi-Finals versus Maidu, Thursday June 13 at 5pm (Snowline Little League, Forebay Field)

You can follow ALL of the District 54 TOC and All-Star action  using the link above. There is also a GAME CHANGER link for each of the tournaments so you can follow from your mobile device.

Be advised, that updates are often made as close to a week before the tournaments start. Please check to see if there are notes about adjustments being made for each schedule.