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Manager Application

Manager Application Information

All Managers and Coaches MUST complete the application form in order to be assigned to a team.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a manager for CRLL. We value the time and dedication you give to our children. 

All manager applications must be submitted online. When the Manager/Coach Registration is open, there will be a Registration Option on the Main Page.

In addition to the online registration, prospective Managers must submit a statement of interest directly to the appropriate Baseball or Softball Player Agent:

Baseball Player Agent: Scott Oltmanns

Softball Player Agent: Shannon Tuua

Applications for the 2018 Spring season are due by December 31, 2017. Applications submitted after December 31 will be considered if there is a need at a division without a sufficient number of applications. Please contact your respective player agent, Scott Oltmanns (baseball), or Shannon Tuua (softball) for additional details.

Prior to completing your application, please familiarize yourself with our Manager/Coach expectations, viewable on the Coaches page

Please note that there is no manager or coach seniority granted from season to season. Submission of an application does not guarantee anyone will be selected as a manager. Each year, applications are reviewed by the manager selection committee (assigned by the President), as explained in the CRLL Bylaws (Article V – Procedures; Section 1; Manager Appointments). Official manager approval is voted on and finalized by the Board of Directors.

Manager/Coach Application

Official Coaches must also Register here

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Here is the link to get you started on your Manager Application. Remember, all managers and coaches must complete the application prior to being assigned to a team!