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Managers and Coaches

CRLL Manager and Coach Expectations

We expect that our managers and coaches will help players improve their baseball skills. However, our level of baseball knowledge will not ensure (or hinder) a player’s ability to play professional sports. Our players’ on-field performance will not dictate which college or profession they choose.

Rather, it is each of our responsibility to ensure that the kids (and their parents) view their managers and coaches as models of integrity and good sportsmanship.

  • Character
  • Responsibility
  • Leadership
  • Loyalty

Your commitment to modeling and promoting these qualities will ensure that the culture of our league builds strong character in our children.

Each year, CRLL families are asked to complete a survey about their experience with various aspects of our league. Some of the survey is directly related to their experience with the team manager. Below are the content areas that are rated at the end of the season, and therefore indicate the attributes we are seeking for managers in CRLL.

  • Provide quality instruction in development of baseball skills
  • Maintain effective communication with players and parents
  • Model sportsmanship among players, coaches, and umpires
  • Promote competitiveness and fair play
  • Provide a healthy and positive environment for players
  • Serve as a positive role model to the players
  • Encourage participation for all players

At times, there are moments when parents or coaches "get out of hand" and lose sight of the purpose of youth sports. In most cases "not me" is the culprit. Please remind "not me" that:

  • These are kids
  • Coaches are volunteers
  • Umpires are human
  • You don't play for the San Francisco Giants
  • There are not any college recruiters at our games
  • The reason kids want to play sports is because it is fun
  • Please don't let the behavior of adults ruin the kids' fun

CRLL Manager and Coach Duties


Specific duties of the manager include: making player assessments at tryouts, drafting a team, selecting official coaches, setting practice schedules, and conducting practices. Managers must understand and ensure that the team adheres to Little League and Local Rules (i.e., pitch counts, modified rules for division). Managers take a lead role in communicating with parents and league officials. Given the number of responsibilities it takes to run a team effectively, managers select and assign parents to assist the team (i.e., team parent, score keeper, pitch counter, and other roles deemed necessary). 


Working collaboratively with the Manager and helping enforce league and team rules for the players and parents. Attending mandatory trainings and meetings during the season and post-season.


We realize that managing a team comes with a healthy time commitment and other sacrifices. In addition, you are all busy with family, work, and other community volunteer efforts.

Managers are not obligated to participate in the CRLL volunteer program (you're already doing a lot!). However, coaches are expected to volunteer for one shift during the season. Other team volunteers must complete 2 shifts.

On behalf of the CRLL Board and players, THANK YOU for the time and talents you invest in the kids in our community. 

Manager and Coach Calendar

There are a number of mandatory events that ALL managers must attend, which include: each tryout date, their respective division draft, the manager/coach orientation meeting and manager/coach clinic. These dates will be posted on the League Calendar when they are known.

Coaches are also responsible for attending some of these events, which will be noted as well.

We help kids on and off the field