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Volunteers Make CRLL a hit!

Volunteer Program Information

Parent volunteer time is a key reason why CRLL can keep registration fees low, while still maintaining an excellent playing environment, quality equipment, and facilities for the children.


2018  Annual Volunteer Commitment

For each child registered in CRLL, a family is required to work 2 Dibs volunteer shifts (for up to 2 players. The 3rd and subsequent players DO NOT require volunteer time). This results in a MAXIMUM of 4 shifts per family.

Each family is required to submit a $125 deposit check per player (up to 2 players). Teams will not receive uniforms until all checks are submitted. Checks will be returned (or destroyed) once your volunteer hours have been confirmed by the League Volunteer Coordinator (Wyatt Gaylor).

Coaches only need to volunteer for one shift ($62.50 deposit), though both managers and coaches are asked to assist during the season at various special events (i.e., field preparation days, Pitch Hit & Run) as well as during post-season tournaments and events (generally in June/July).

Once volunteer shifts have been created, they can be found on the site! They are now listed on the "Dibs" Section of

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • BBQ snack shack
  • Pitch Hit and Run
  • Friday Night Special “Food Prep”
  • Weekly Shack maintenance; cleaning, inventory, restock 
  • Field Prep Day
  • Other Special Events posted to DIBS
  • Playoff/Tournament Opportunities (Score Keeper, Field Prep, Announcer, Pitch Count, Runners)


Volunteer questions can be directed to Wyatt Gaylor

Snack Bar questions can be directed to Tom Ostoich


THANK YOU for all you do to support CRLL and the kids!

"They" don't do it...We all do it!

Junior Worker Program

Cosumnes River Little League is looking for junior workers to help in our snack shack.  Criteria for junior workers to be qualified are currently being established. Check back for additional details!